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A complete mental-toughness program based on state of the art technology

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Proven Results

Your system prepared me for college tennis

How are you doing? I have been extremely busy for the past month getting ready for college at TCU. I wanted to let you know that your program has been THE DIFFERENCE MAKER IN MY TENNIS PERFORMANCES since I started it. I had a great Kalamazoo. I played some of the best tennis I've played in years.   I just started classes at TCU this week and have been training with the team unofficially...
Robert G.

The Valverde Excellence Center (VEC)

In addition to all the benefits described above, you will have the opportunity to train at the Valverde Excellence Center and experience its unique holistic approach that integrates all four components of the game – physical, technical, strategic and mental. This training focuses on all the details and is on a one-to-one basis in order to maximize its effectiveness. Dr. Valverde works together with his wife Iva, a high performance coach with outstanding background.

The Valverde Excellence Center (VEC) is located in the beautiful city of Naples, Florida. In addition to the local airport, you can fly to the Fort Myers International Airport located thirty minutes from Naples or to the Fort Lauderdale International Airport located ninety minutes away from Naples.

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Elite athletes are constantly searching for the edge against their competition in every aspect of their preparation. This implies the willingness to make changes in their routines and habits – their mindset, their attitudes.

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27 December

USTA Winter Nationals Championships, Tucson, Arizona

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